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Cabin Crew/airhostess/steward Aircraft - Ground Crew Aircraft Cabin Cleaner Aircraft Detail Draftsperson Aircraft Electrical Engineer Aircraft Electronics Technical Officer Aircraft Engine Fitter Aircraft Load Controller Aircraft Machinist Aircraft Safety Equipment Worker Aircraft Technician Airframe Fitter Airframe Technical Officer Airline Traffic Officer (passenger Services) Airport Cleaner Airways Surveyor Airworthiness Inspector Ambassador Ambulance Dispatcher Ambulance Paramedic Ambulance Superintendent, No Manual Work Anaesthetic Technician Anaesthetist Analyst - Manual Work / Travel Analyst Computer Analyst Programmer Analytical Chemist Anatomist Animal Attendant Animal Groom (except Horse) Animal Morphologist Animal Nutritionist Animal Skinner Animal Taxonomist Animal Trainers Animator Annealer & Locksmith Announcer Anthropologist Antique Dealer Antique Furniture Restorer, No Power Tools Antique Furniture Restorer, With Power Tools Apiarist/bee Keeper Apiary Assistant Apparel Cutter Applications Programmer Appointments Clerk Apprentice Aircraft Ground Engineer Apprentice Aircraft Machinist Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Apprentice Aircraft Mechanic Apprentice Baker And Pastrycook Apprentice Binder And Finisher Apprentice Boatbuilder Apprentice Boilermaker (non-mining) Apprentice Buttermaker/cheesemaker Apprentice Cabinetmaker Apprentice Cane Furniture Maker Apprentice Canvas Goods Maker Apprentice Compositor Apprentice Cook Apprentice Craftworker Apprentice Dental Mechanic Apprentice Furniture Finisher Apprentice Jeweller Apprentice Jewellery And Precious Metalware Tradesperson Apprentice Jockey Apprentice Landscape Gardener Apprentice Leather Goods Maker Apprentice Miner Apprentice Model Maker Apprentice Musical Instrument Maker And Repairer Apprentice Nurseryman/woman Apprentice Optical Mechanic Apprentice Painter, Decorator And Signwriter Apprentice Piano Tuner Apprentice Picture Framer Apprentice Refrigeration And Air-conditioning Mechanic Apprentice Sailmaker Apprentice Shoemaker And Repairer Apprentice Silversmith Apprentice Smallgoods Maker Apprentice Sprinkler Fitter Apprentice Stereotyper And Electrotyper Apprentice Tailor Apprentice Upholsterer And Bedding Tradesperson Apprentice Watch And Clock Repairer Arbitration Inspector Arbitrator Arboriculturist (no Tree Climbing) Arboriculturist (tree Climbing) Archaeologist Archery - Professional Architect Architect - Landscape Architect - Naval Architect - No Site Visits Architect - Site Visits Architect, Building And Construction Architect, Clerk Architectural Associate Architectural Clerk Architectural Drafting Officer Architectural Technical Officer Architectural Technician Architectural Tracer Archivist Armed Response Unit Aromatherapist Art Critic Art Dealer Art Director (television, Film Or Stage) Art Gallery Curator Art Teacher (private) Articled Accountant Articled Clerk Articled Lawyer Artist Arts Reporter (< 10% Travel) Asbestos Inspector Asbestos Stripper, Lagger, Insulator Assayer Assistant Driller, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Assistant Editor Associate Editor Astrologer Astronomer Athletics - Professional Attendant, Petrol Station Attorney Auctioneer - Livestock Auctioneer - No Livestock Audio Operator Audio Technician Audiologist Audiometrician Audit Clerk Auditor Author Auto-electrician Automotive Air-conditioning Mechanic Awnings Installer (domestic) Baby Sitter Bacteriologist, No Special Hazards Badminton - Professional Baggage Handler Baggage Handler (airline And Aviation) Baggage Handler (merchant Marine) Bailiff Baker/bakers Assistant Bakery Manager Baking Factory Hand Ballet Dancer - Professional Ballet Teacher Balloonist, Competition Or Commercial Bank Clerk Bank Manager Bank Teller Banker Bargeman Bargemaster, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Barman/bar Attendant Barrister Basketball - Professional Beautician/beauty Therapist Beauty Consultant Beauty Parlour Manager Bedding And Mattress Maker Bibliographer Binder And Finisher Bingo Caller Biochemist Biogeneticist Biogeographer Biographer Biologist, Marine Biologist, Other Biology Technical Officer Biomedical Engineer Biometrician Biophysicist Biostatistician Blacksmith Blaster, Demolition Worker Bleaching Machine Operator Blind Installer Blindstitcher Blood Technician Blood Transfusionist Boarding House Manager Boarding House Proprietor Boatswain Bodyguard Boilermaker (non-mining) Bomb Disposal Expert Bond Clerk Book Editor Bookbinder Booking Clerk Booking Officer, Railways Bookkeeper Bookmaker, Betting Shop Bookshop Manager Boot Maker Bosun Botanist Botany Technical Officer Bottle Store Manager Bottle Store Owner Bouncer Bowling (indoor & Lawn) - Professional Box Maker, Cardboard Or Plastic Boxer - Amateur Boxer - Professional Boxer (professional) Branch Accountant (financial Institution) Breeder, Horse Racing Industry Brewer Brewhouse Operator Bricklayer Broadcast Transmitter Operator Broadcaster Broadcasting Technician Broadcasting Tradesperson Broker (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual) Broker (> 10% Travel Or > 10% Manual) Broker (insurance/stock) < 10% Travel And < 10% Manual Broker (insurance/stock) > 10% Travel Or > 10% Manual Broker Consultant (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual) Broker Consultant (> 10% Travel Or > 10% Manual) Builder Builders Merchant Building Construction Supervisor Building Estimator Building Foreman Building Inspector Building Insulation Installer Building Site Foreman Building Society Manager Building/residential Unarmed Guards Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operator Bulldozer Operator Bullet Maker Bus Inspector Bush Clearer, Excluding Explosives Business Analyst Business Broker Business Consultant Business Development Officer Business Owner (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual Work) Business Owner (<10% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Business Owner (<10% Travel And 10% To 20% Manual Work) Business Owner (<10% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Business Owner (>20% Travel And <10% Manual Work) Business Owner (>20% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Business Owner (>20% Travel And 10% To 20% Manual Work) Business Owner (>20% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Business Owner (10% To 20% Travel And <20% Manual Work) Business Owner (10% To 20% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Business Owner (10% To 20% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Business Secretary Butcher Butler Buttermaker/cheesemaker/yogurt Maker Buttonhole Machinist Buyer (fashion, Retail And Wool) Buyer (office Bound) Cabaret Artist Cabinetmaker Cable Hand Cable Jointers Assistant Cadastral Surveyor Caddie Cadet Accountant Cadet Journalist Cadet Marine Engineer Café Owner Call Centre Consultant Call Centre Manager Camera Operator, Aerial Work Camera Repairer Cameraman Candle Maker Cane Furniture Maker Canoeing - Professional Canteen Assistant Canteen Manager Canvas Goods Maker Canvasser Captain, Fishing Industry Offshore Captain, Trawlerman Inshore Car Assembly, Motor Trade Car Detailer, Motor Trade Caravan Park Manager Caravan Park Owner, Owner Carcass Splitter Cardiologist Cardiothoracic Surgeon Cardiovascular Specialist Careers Counsellor And Adviser Carer Caretaker Cargo Co-coordinator Carpenter Carpenter, Domestic Carpenters Trades Assistant Carpet Layer Or Cleaner Carpet Weaver Carpetlayers Assistant Cartographer Carton Making Machine Operator Cartoonist Cashier - Not Office Based Cashier - Office Based Casino Attendant Casting Director Casting Officer Cataloguer Caterer Catering Manager Catering Officer Catering Staff Cattle Grazier Ceiling Fixer Cellarman Cement And Concrete Plant Labourer Cement Plasterer Cement Production Plant Operator Ceramics Engineer Ceramics Scientist Chambermaid, Hotel Workers Chaplain Charge Nurse Charge Sister Charity Collection Clerk Chartered Accountant Checkout Operator Checkout Supervisor Chef - Executive/head Chef Chef - Sous Chef Chef - Specialist/station Chef Chemical Engineer Chemical Plant Labourer Chemical Process Analyst Chemical Research Technical Officer Chemistry Technical Officer Chief Accountant Chief Analyst / Chemist (non-mining) Chief Architect Chief Chemist/chemist Chief Civil Engineer Chief Cook Chief Electronics Engineer Chief Executive Chief Fire Officer Chief Geologist Chief Marine Steward Chief Mechanical Engineer Chief Physicist Child Care Aide Child Care Assistant Child Care Attendant Child Care Centre Director (no Travel) Child Care Group Worker Child Care Worker Child Minder Childcare Worker, Qualified & Registered Childrens Nursery Assistant/creche Attendant Chimney Sweep Chinese Medicine Specialist Chiropodist Chiropractor Choral Director Choreographer Christian Scientist Cigarette Making Machine Operator Cinema Manager Cinema Or Theatre, Administrative Staff Cinema Projectionist Cinematographer Circus Artist City Treasurer Civil Engineer (< 10% Travel) Civil Engineer, Building And Construction Civil Engineering Associate Civil Engineering Design Draftsperson Civil Engineering Detail Draftsperson Civil Engineering Drafting Assistant Civil Engineering Drafting Officer Civil Engineering Technical Officer Civil Engineering Technician Civil Servant Civil Servant, Government Official Claims Adjuster Claims Assessor (except Health) Claims Clerk Classified Advertising Clerk Clergyman/woman Clerical Manager Clerical, Government Official Clerk Of Court Clerk, Railways Climbing Instructor Clinical Allergist Clinical Biochemist Clinical Biochemistry Technician Clinical Chemist Clinical Endocrinologist Clinical Laboratory Scientist Clinical Microbiologist Clinical Microbiology Technician Clinical Nurse Teacher Clinical Pharmacologist Clinical Physical Scientist Clinical Psychologist Clinical Technologist Clothing Pattern Maker Clothing Presser Clown Club Manager Coach (sport) Coastguard (non Office Based) Coastguard (office Based) Coffin Maker Columnist Combustion Engineer Comedian Commentator Commercial Artist Commercial Diver - Not Using Explosives Commercial Diver - Using Explosives Commercial Flower Grower Commodity Broker Communications Analyst Communications Consultant Communications Engineer Communications Engineering Technician Communications Programmer Community Development Officer Company Secretary Complaints Clerk Composer Computer Analyst Computer Auditor Computer Eng/prog/analyst Computer Mechanical/technical Computer Scientist Computer Servicer Computer Technician Concert And Opera Singer Conciliation And Arbitration Commissioner Concrete Batching Plant Operator Concrete Pipe Machine Operator Concrete Pre-cast Moulder Concrete Slab Layer Conductor ( Bus/ Train ) Confectioner Conservator Construction Trades Assistant Consul-general Consultant Container Loading Clerk Contractor Control Room Operator Conveyancer Conveyancing Clerk Conveyor Belt Operator Conveyor Operator Copywriter Coronary Care Nurse Coroner Corporate Finance Officer Corporate Legal Officer Corporate Safety Officer Correctional Services Cb: Area Commissioner/deputy Regional Commissioner Correctional Services Cb: Assistant Director Correctional Services Cb: Case Officer Correctional Services Cb: Deputy Director Correctional Services Cb: Director General Correctional Services Cb: Director/area Manager Correctional Services Cb: Regional Commissioner Correctional Services Cb: Reintegration Officer Correctional Services Cb: Security Officer Correctional Services Cb: Senior Correctional Officer Correctional Services Cb: Unit Manager Correctional Services Non-cb: Admin Officer Correctional Services Non-cb: Assistant Director Correctional Services Non-cb: Chief Deputy Director Correctional Services Non-cb: Clerk Correctional Services Non-cb: Deputy Commissioner Correctional Services Non-cb: Deputy Director Correctional Services Non-cb: Director Correctional Services Non-cb: National Commissioner Correctional Services Non-cb: Senior Admin Officer Correctional Services: Emergency Support Team Cosmologist Cost Clerk Cotton Ginner Cotton Ginning Bookman/woman Cotton Grader Cotton Grower Counter Staff, Post Office Workers Courier, Motor Cycle Courier, Not Motorcycle Or Cycle Court And Hansard Reporter Court Attendant Court Messenger Court Orderly Court Registrar Court Usher Crane Operator, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Crèche Owner- Admin Only Creche/nursary School Teacher Credit And Loans Analyst Credit Controller Credit Officer Credit Union Manager Creditors Clerk Crematorium Assistant Cricketer - Professional Criminologist Croupier Crystallographer Curator Curator, Gallery, Museaum Curriculum Advisory Teacher Curriculum Development Officer Customer Service Officer Customs Agent/officer Customs Clerk Cyclist - Professional Cylinder Preparer (printing) Cylinder Reviser Cytologist Cytopathology Technician Dairy Factory Hand Dairy Produce Inspector Dairy Workers, Process Worker Dance Teacher Dancer Data Processing Manager Database Administrator Database Analyst Database Programmer Day Mother Deacon/deaconess Dean Debt Collector Debtors Clerk Deck Hand Delivery Clerk Demographer Demolition, Supervisor Dental Assistant Dental Mechanic Dental Nurse Dental Prosthetist Dental Surgeon Dental Technologist Dental Therapist Dentist Depositor And Grinder Depot Manager Derivatives Trader Dermatologist Derrickman Designer (industrial & Commercial Products) Designer, Carpet Industry Designer, Employed, Clothing Industry Designer, Freelance, Clothing Industry Designer, Glass Manufacturing Diagnostic Radiologist Dialysis Technician Diamond Cutter/polisher/setter Diamond Dealer Die Setter Dietician Dining Room Host/hostess Diplomat Director (< 10% Manual And <10% Travel) Director (<10% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Director (<10% Travel And 10% To 20% Manual Work) Director (<10% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Director (>20% Travel And <10% Manual Work) Director (>20% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Director (>20% Travel And 10% To 20% Manual Work) Director (>20% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Director (10% To 20% Travel And <20% Manual Work) Director (10% To 20% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Director (10% To 20% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Director (film/ Stage/radio/television) Director Of Nursing Home Director Of Photography Director, Zoo Disc Jockey Disc Jockey, Club, Tv, Or Radio Dispatch Clerk Distiller (beverages) Distiller, Alcohol Manufacture Distribution Clerk Distributor Diver (submersibles - No Outside Activity) Diver (submersibles - Outside Activity) Diving Instructor Dock Foreman Docker Dockhand Docks Clerical Worker Dockworker/container Terminal Operator Dog Breeder Dog Groomer Domestic Animal Trainer Domestic Cook Domestic Workers Sum Assured Restricted To R500 000 Domiciliary Nurse Donkeyman Doorman Doorman - Nightclub Doorman - Not Nightclub Doorman, Bouncer Door-to-door Salesperson Drain Cleaner Drama Teacher (private) Draper Draughtsman Dredge Master Dredge Operator Dredger, Bargeman Dress Designer Dressmaker Dressmaker, Employed, Clothing Industry Dressmaker, Freelance, Or Self- Employed Dressmaking Teacher (private) Drill Crew, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Driller (construction, Metal Etc - Not Mining) Driller, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Drilling Engineer Offshore Driver - Ambulance Driver - Banking (amoured Car) Driver - Bus Driver - Cash In Transit Driver - Chauffeur (not Minibus) Driver - Concrete Mixer Driver - Crane Driver - Derrick (building And Construction) Driver - Garbage Collection Driver - Heavy Vehicle Driver - Hoist Or Winch Driver - Light Goods Driver - Long Distance Driver - Minibus/taxi Driver - Motorcycle Driver - Tow Truck Driver - Tractor (farm) Driver - Train (railways) Driving Instructor Drover Drug And Alcohol Counsellor Dry Clean Owner Dry Cleaning Manager Drycleaner Dubbing Projectionist (sound Mixing) Dustman Dye Penetrant Testing Technician Dyeing And Finishing Technical Officer Dyer, Dry Cleaner Early Child Care Adviser Earth Science Technical Officer Earth Science Technician Earthmoving Labourer Ecological Technical Officer Ecologist Econometrician Economic Analyst Economic Geographer Economic Historian Economist Editor Editorial Assistant Editorial Writer Education Inspector Educational Counsellor Educational Guidance Officer Educational Psychologist Egg Producer Electrical Contractor Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineering Associate Electrical Engineering Technical Officer Electrical Fitter Electrician - Heights > 12m Or High Voltage >1000v (non-mining) Electrician - No Heights And No High Voltage (non-mining) Electrician, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Electroencephalographic Technician Electronics Engineering Associate Electronics Engineering Technician Elocution Teacher Embroiderer Embryologist Employment Office Clerk Employment Officer Endocrinologist Endodontist Engine Room Worker Engineer - Aeronautical (non-military) Engineer - Aircraft (non-military) Engineer - Aircraft Maintenance (non-military) Engineer - Flight - (international) Engineer - Flight - (south Africa Only) Engineer - Flight - Iata Registered Airline Engineer, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Engineer, Radio Industry Engineering Laboratory Assistant Engineering Laboratory Technician Engineering Manager Engineering Survey Drafting Officer Engineering Surveyor Engineering Technician Enrolled Nurse Entertainment Agent Entertainment Usher Entomologist Environmental Artist Environmental Officer (non-mining) Environmental Scientist Enzyme Chemist Epidemiologist Equestrian Sports - Professional Equipment Assembly Inspector Ergonomist Escort Estate Agent Events Organizer Examiner Of Aircraft Excavator Operator Executive Assistant Executive Director Executive Producer Exhibition Layout Designer Exploration, Photographic Or Survey Work Explosives Technician Export Manager Exterior Cladding Installer Extractive Metallurgist Fabric Designer Fabric Dyer Faceter Factory Cleaner Factory Supervisor Factory Worker Faculty Head Fairground Attendant Family Aide Family Counsellor Family Court Counsellor Farm Apprentice Farm Consultant Farm Machinery Operator Farm Office Manager Farm Overseer Farm Worker Farmer < 10% Manual Farmer > 50% Manual Farmer 10% To 20% Manual Farmer 21% To 50% Manual Farrier Feltmaker Fence Erector Fence Maker Fencer Fibre-optic Technician Fidelity Guard - Cash In Transit Field Crop Technician Filing Clerk Film Distributor Film Editor Finance Director Finance Manager Financial Advisor Financial Broker (< 10% Manual And <10% Travel) Financial Broker (>10% Manual Or >10% Travel) Financial Consultant Financial Director Financial Institution Branch Manager Financial Manager Financial Planner Fire Chief Fire Commissioner Fire Fighter (aviation) Fire Prevention Officer/fire Safety Officer Firearms Dealer (licenced) Fireman First Aid Officer Fish Exports Inspector Fish Farm Worker Fish Farmer Fish Filleter Fish Plant And Machinery Operator Fish Process Worker Fish Smokehouse Operator Fisheries And Wildlife Officer Fisheries Technical Officer Fisherman, Vessels >40 Meters Fishing Vessel Master Fishmonger Fitness Instructor Fitter And Turner (non-mining) Fitter, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Flight Controller Flight Engineer Inspector Flight Service Officer Floor Manager (television) Floorman, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Florist Florist Apprentice/assistant Food And Drink Chemist Food Processing Autoclave Operator Food Processing Extruder Operator Food Processing Machine Operators Food Processing Retort Operator Food Size-grading Operator Food Steward/stewardess Food, Machine Operator Football - Semi Professional Or Professional Foreign Exchange Dealer Foreman (non-mining) Forensic Pathologist Forest Assessor Forest Overseer Forest Ranger/warden Forest Scientist Forester Forester-qualified Supervisor Forestry Adviser Forestry Technical Officer Forestry Technician Forestry Worker Forms Analyst Forms Analyst And Designer Forms Designer Foundryman Freight Clerk Freight Forwarder - Office Freight Handler Freight Traffic Controller Fruit And Vegetable Classer Fruit And Vegetable Packer Fruit Conserve And Sauce Maker Fruit, Vegetable And Nut Farm Hand Fruiterer Fuel Technologist Fumigator, Exterminator Fund Raiser Funeral Director/mortician Furnace Attendant Furniture Assembler/finisher/maker Furniture Dealer Furniture Designer Furniture Packer Furniture Polisher Furniture Upholsterer Furniture, Porters Futures Broker Futures Dealer Game Warden/keeper/ranger Gamekeeper Gaming Club Manager Garage Assistant Garage Owner Garbage Collector Garbage Collector, Municipal Garbage Collector, Private Industry Garbage Collectors, Sanitation Services Garden Labourer Gardener (unskilled) Garment Finishing Operator Gas Compressor Turbine Operator Gas Examiner Gas Pipelayer Gas Plant Labourer Gas Welder-cutter Gasfitter Gas-main And Line Fitter Gas-shielded Arc Welding Operator Gastroenterologist Gelato/ice Cream Maker Gem Cutter/setter And Polisher General Dealer (registered) General Manager General Practitioner Geneticist Geochemical Technician Geochemist Geodetic Surveyor Geographer Geological Engineer (non-mining) Geological Survey Field Assistant Geologist (non-mining) Geology Technical Officer Geology Technician (non-mining) Geophysical Technical Officer Geophysicist (non-mining) Geophysics Technician (non-mining) Geostatistician Geriatric Care Nurse Geriatrician Glassware Verifier Gliding Instructor Golf - Professional Government Minister Government Official, Administrative Government Official, Other Governor Grain Binsman/woman Grain Grader Grain Handler Grant Advisor Graphic Designer Grave Digger Grazier, Larger Property (mainly Supervisory ), Agriculture Grazier, Smallholding, Agriculture Greengrocer Greengrocery Manager Greyhound Trainer Grinder (stone) Grip, Carpenter, Set Builder Grocer Grocery Packer Groom Grouter, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Guest House Owner Guest House Proprietor Gymnast - Professional Gynaecologist Gynaecologist (surgeon) Haberdasher Haematologist Hairdresser - Apprentice Hairdresser / Barber (<25% Manual Work) Hairdresser / Barber (>25% Manual Work) Hairdressers - Supervisor (<25% Manual Work) Handicrafts Teacher (private) Handyman Harbour / Maritime Pilot Harbour Master Hardware Dealer Hardware Store Manager Harvester, Agricultural Contractor Hat Maker/ Milliner Hatchery Assistant Hatchery Manager Haulier, Administrative Only Haulier, Others Hawker Head Greenkeeper Head Groundsman/woman Head Of Department (tafe) Head Of Diplomatic Mission Head Of Government Department Head Of School (tafe) Head Porter Head Sawyer Headmaster/mistress Health Advisor/ Consultant Health Data Administrator Health Insurance Assessor Hearing Aid Manufacturer Heating And Ventilating Technical Officer Heating Engineer, Gas Fitter Helicopter Observer (rescue) Hemstitching Machine Operator Herbalist Herdsman, Agricultural Contractor Hide And Skin Classer High Commissioner High Wire Act Histologist Histopathologist Histopathology Technician Historian Hockey - Professional Hoist Operator Hoist, Winch And Lift Operator (non-mining) Homeopath Home-school Liaison Officer Horse Breaker Horse Dealer Horse Groom Horse Racing Judge Horse Stud Farmer Horse Stud Manager Horse Trainer Horse Trainer, Horse Racing Industry Horsebreeder Horticultural Inspector Horticultural Technical Officer Horticultural Technician Horticulturalist Hospital Administrator Hospital Admitting Clerk Hospital Cleaner Hospital Orderly Hospital Porter Hospital Ward Clerk Host, Hostess Hostel Manager Hotel Concierge Hotel Manager Hotel Steward Hotel Yardman/woman Hotelier Housewife Or House Husband (sum Assured Restricted To 50% Of Spouses Salary - Up To A Maximum Of R2. Housing Counsellor Housing, Inspector Human Resource Officer Hunting - Professional Hydraulic Engineer Hydrographer Hydrographic Surveyor Hydrologist Hydrometallurgical Engineer Hydroponics Technician Hypnotist Ice Cream Retailer - Van Illustrator Immunologist Impersonator, Performance Art Importer-exporter Import-export Business Manager Import-export Clerk Industrial Chemist Industrial Cleaner Industrial Designer Industrial Engineer Industrial Metallurgist Industrial Officer Industrial Pharmacist Industrial Psychologist Industrial Registrar Industrial Relations Officer Industrial Tribunal Member Infant Welfare Nurse Infectious Diseases Specialist Information Analyst Information Desk Clerk Information Officer (public Relations) Information Systems Developer Information Systems Manager Inquiry Agent Inquiry Clerk Inquiry Officer Insect Pathologist Inspector - Not Police Instrument Maker /technician Instrument Manufacture Instrumental Musician Insurance Agent (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual) Insurance Agent (>10% Travel Or >10% Manual) Insurance Broker (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual) Insurance Broker (>10% Travel Or >10% Manual) Insurance Clerk Insurance Consultant (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual) Insurance Consultant (>10% Travel Or >10% Manual) Insurance Official Insurance Underwriter Intelligence Officer Intensive Care Nurse Interior Decorator/designer International Trade Economist Inventory Clerk Investment Accounting Clerk Investment Adviser Investment Analyst Investment Consultant Investment Dealer Invoice Clerk Iridologist Ironmonger Irrigation Supervisor It Analyst It Consultant Janitor Jeweller Jeweller - Retail / Wholesale Jewellery Assembler Jewellery Benchworker Jewellery Engraver Jockey Joiner Jounalist Or Reporter/ News Paper, Radio And Television Journalist (< 10% Travel) Journalist, Freelance Judge Judges Associate Judo - Professional Judo / Karate Instructor Juggler Junior Primary School Teacher Justice Of The High Court Karate - Professional Kayaking - Professional Kennel Operator Kennelman/maid Kiln Labourer Kindergarten Director Kitchen Fitter Kitchen Staff Laboratory Chemist Laboratory Technician Labour Broker Labour Economist Labourer Labourer, Agricultural Contractor Labourer, Building And Construction Labourer, Carpet Manufacturing Labourer, Furniture Manufacturing Labourer, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Labourer,furniture Manufacturing Land Agent Land Degradation Analyst Land Surveyor Landscape Architect Landscape Gardener Landscape Horticulturist Lapidary Technician Lapidary, Jewellery Workers Laser Artist Laundrette Worker Laundromat Manager Laundromat Owner Law Clerk Lawyer Lead Worker Leasing Agent Leather Finishing Machine Operator Leather Goods Maker Leather Pattern Maker Lecturer Legal Advisor Legal Clerk Legal Secretary Lengthman/linesman Lensgrinder/polisher Letterpress Plate Maker Letterpress Printing Machinist Liaison Officer Librarian Librettist License Inspector Life Science Technician Lifeboat Man (part Time Or Full Time) Lifeguard/lifesaver Lift Inspector Lift Mechanic Light Coil Winder Light Manual Labour (mechanic) Light Technician Lighthousekeeper Lighting Crew, Rigger Lighting Design Drafting Officer Lighting Supervisor Lighting Technician Lineman - Electricity / Power Cables Linesman Linesman/woman (sport) Linotype Operator Linotype, Printer Liquid Petroleum Gasfitter Liquidator Liquor Store Assistant Lithographer Livestock And Field Crop Farm Hand Livestock Buyer Livestock Inspector Loader Operator (earthmoving) Loans Clerk Loans Officer Local Government, Government Official Locomotive Driver (railways) Log Hauler Logging Plant Operator Logging Worker Logistics Controller Loss Adjuster Luggage Porter Machine Operator Machinist Macro-economist Magician Magistrate Magistrates Clerk Mail Clerk Mail Order Clerk Maintenance Mechanic, Printer Maintenance Technician Maintenance Worker, Gas Worker Maintenance, Airport Staff Maitre D Hotel Make-up Artist Manager (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual) Manager (<10% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Manager (<10% Travel And 10% To 20% Manual Work) Manager (<10% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Manager (>10% Travel Or >10% Manual) Manager (>20% Travel And <10% Manual Work) Manager (>20% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Manager (>20% Travel And 10% To 20% Manual Work) Manager (>20% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Manager (10% To 20% Travel And <20% Manual Work) Manager (10% To 20% Travel And >50% Manual Work) Manager (10% To 20% Travel And 21% To 50% Manual Work) Manager, Casino Industry Manager, Post Office Manager, Take Away Food Outlet Managing Editor Manpower Manager Manual Assistant (telecom) Marine Biologist Marine Engine And Boiler Operator Marine Engineer Marine Engineer Superintendent Marine Engineer Surveyor Marine Geologist Marine Researcher Marine Surveyor Market Analyst Market Gardener Market Research Analyst Market Research Interviewer Market Research Manager Market Researcher Market Trader Marketing Director Marketing Manager Marketing Manager < 10% Travel Marketing Manager > 10% Travel Marketing Officer Marriage Counsellor Martial Arts - Professional Mason (brick/stone) Master Fisherman/woman Master Of The Court Materials Engineer Materials Scientist Maternal And Child Health Nurse Mathematician Maxillo Facial Surgeon Mayor/mayoress Meat And Fish Processing Machine Operator Meat By-products Machine Operator Meat Grader Meat Inspector Meat Mincer Operator Meat Packer Meat Process Worker Meat Smokehouse Operator Meatcutter/trimmer Meatworks Labourer Mechanic, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Mechanical Detail Draftsperson Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Associate Mechanical Engineering Design Draftsperson Mechanical Engineering Drafting Assistant Mechanical Engineering Drafting Officer Mechanical Engineering Technical Officer Mechanical Engineering Technician Media Officer/spokesperson Medical Chemist Medical Counsellor Medical Doctor Medical Laboratory Assistant Medical Laboratory Scientist Medical Laboratory Technical Officer Medical Laboratory Technician Medical Oncologist Medical Physicist Medical Record Administrator Medical Representative Medical Superintendent Medical Technician Medical Technologist Member Of Parliament Mercenary Merchandise Manager Merchant Seaman Messenger (office) Messenger, Motorcycle Metal Worker Metallographer Metallurgical Engineer Metallurgical Technician Metallurgist Meteorological Observer Meteorological Technical Officer Meteorologist Meter Reader, Test Engineer Methods Engineer Metro Police - Assistant Divisional Commander Metro Police - Chief Of Police Metro Police - City Police Chief Metro Police - Constable Metro Police - Deputy Chief Metro Police - Deputy Chief Of Police Metro Police - Director Metro Police - Divisional Director Metro Police - Executive Director Metro Police - Officer Metro Police - Precint Commander Metro Police - Regional Commander Metro Police - Sergeant Metro Police - Superintendant Inspector Microbiologist Microbiology Technical Officer Microlender (registered Only) Microlender (unregistered) Microphone Boom Operator Midwife Military - Air Force - Airman Military - Air Force - Brigadier (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Brigadier General Military - Air Force - Candidate Officer (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Captain (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Chaplain Military - Air Force - Colonel (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Commissioned Officer (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Corporal Military - Air Force - Flight Instructor Military - Air Force - Flight Sergeant Military - Air Force - General Military - Air Force - Lance Corporal Military - Air Force - Lieutenant (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Lieutenant Colonel (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Lieutenant General Military - Air Force - Major (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Major General Military - Air Force - Non-commissioned Officer Military - Air Force - Officer (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Brigadier Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Candidate Officer Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Captain Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Colonel Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Flight Lieutenant Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Lieutenant Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Lieutenant Colonel Military - Air Force - Pilot - Fixed Wing - Major Military - Air Force - Pilot - Helicopter (attack) Military - Air Force - Pilot - Helicopter (other) Military - Air Force - Private Military - Air Force - Regimental Sergeant Major Military - Air Force - Rsm Military - Air Force - Second (2nd) Lieutenant (not Pilot) Military - Air Force - Sergeant Military - Air Force - Sergeant Major Military - Air Force - Warrant-officer (class 1) Military - Air Force - Warrant-officer (class 2) Military - Army - Brigadier Military - Army - Brigadier General Military - Army - Candidate Officer Military - Army - Captain Military - Army - Chaplain Military - Army - Colonel Military - Army - Commissioned Officer Military - Army - Corporal Military - Army - General Military - Army - Lance Corporal Military - Army - Lieutenant Military - Army - Lieutenant Colonel Military - Army - Lieutenant General Military - Army - Major Military - Army - Major General Military - Army - Non-commissioned Officer Military - Army - Officer Military - Army - Private Military - Army - Regimental Sergeant Major Military - Army - Rsm Military - Army - Second (2nd) Lieutenant Military - Army - Sergeant Military - Army - Sergeant Major Military - Army - Staff Sergeant Military - Army - Warrant-officer (class 1) Military - Army - Warrant-officer (class 2) Military - Medics - Brigadier Military - Medics - Brigadier General Military - Medics - Candidate Officer Military - Medics - Captain Military - Medics - Chaplain Military - Medics - Colonel Military - Medics - Commissioned Officer Military - Medics - Corporal Military - Medics - General Military - Medics - Lance Corporal Military - Medics - Lieutenant Military - Medics - Lieutenant Colonel Military - Medics - Lieutenant General Military - Medics - Major Military - Medics - Major General Military - Medics - Non-commissioned Officer Military - Medics - Officer Military - Medics - Private Military - Medics - Regimental Sergeant Major Military - Medics - Rsm Military - Medics - Second (2nd) Lieutenant Military - Medics - Sergeant Military - Medics - Sergeant Major Military - Medics - Staff Sergeant Military - Medics - Surgeon General Military - Medics - Warrant-officer (class 1) Military - Medics - Warrant-officer (class 2) Military - Navy - Able Seaman Military - Navy - Admiral Military - Navy - Captain Military - Navy - Chaplain Military - Navy - Chief Petty Officer Military - Navy - Commander Military - Navy - Diver Military - Navy - Ensign Military - Navy - Leading Seaman Military - Navy - Lieutenant Military - Navy - Lieutenant Commander Military - Navy - Master Chief Warrant Officer Military - Navy - Midshipman Military - Navy - Petty Officer Military - Navy - Rear Admiral Military - Navy - Rear Admiral (junior Grade) Military - Navy - Seaman Military - Navy - Senior Chief Warrant Officer Military - Navy - Sub Lieutenant Military - Navy - Vice Admiral Military - Navy - Warrant Officer Military - Navy - Warrant Officer - Master Coxswain Military - Navy - Warrant Officer (class 1) Military - Navy - Warrant Officer (class 2) Milk Processing Worker Mime Mineral Chemist Mineral Ore Processing Labourer Mineral Separation Technician Mineralogist Minerals Laboratory Assistant Minerals Laboratory Technician Minibus Taxi Owner, Admin And Supervision Mining - No Underground - Apprentice Boilermaker Mining - No Underground - Apprentice Miner Mining - No Underground - Blaster Mining - No Underground - Boilermaker Mining - No Underground - Bucketwheel Excavator Operator Mining - No Underground - Bucketwheel Reclaimer Operator Mining - No Underground - Carrier (coal Merchants) Mining - No Underground - Chief Analyst / Chemist Mining - No Underground - Chief Instructor Mining - No Underground - Chief Mining Engineer Mining - No Underground - Coal Merchant Mining - No Underground - Crusherman (quarry Worker) Mining - No Underground - Dragline Supervisor Mining - No Underground - Driller Mining - No Underground - Drilling Plant Operator Mining - No Underground - Drop Sorter Operator Mining - No Underground - Electrician - Heights >12m Or High Voltage > 1000v Mining - No Underground - Electrician - No Heights And No High Voltage Mining - No Underground - Engineer Mining - No Underground - Engineer (coal Mining) Mining - No Underground - Environmental Officer Mining - No Underground - Fitter And Turner Mining - No Underground - Foreman Mining - No Underground - Geological Engineer Mining - No Underground - Geologist Mining - No Underground - Geology Technician Mining - No Underground - Geophysicist Mining - No Underground - Geophysics Technician Mining - No Underground - Hoist, Winch And Lift Operator Mining - No Underground - Instructor Mining - No Underground - Jackhammer Operator Mining - No Underground - Labourer (explosives) Mining - No Underground - Labourer (no Explosives) Mining - No Underground - Learner Miner Mining - No Underground - Locomotive Driver Mining - No Underground - Mine Analyst Mining - No Underground - Mine Manager Mining - No Underground - Miner (explosives) Mining - No Underground - Miner (no Explosives) Mining - No Underground - Quarry Labourer Mining - No Underground - Reclaimer Mining - No Underground - Safety Officer Mining - No Underground - Sampler Mining - No Underground - Shift Boss Mining - No Underground - Shot Blaster Mining - No Underground - Shot Firer Mining - No Underground - Shot Firers Assistant Mining - No Underground - Shovel Operator Mining - No Underground - Stoper Mining - No Underground - Superintendent Mining - No Underground - Supervisor - Blasting Tradespersons Mining - No Underground - Supervisor (coal Merchants) Mining - No Underground - Supervisor (explosives) Mining - No Underground - Supervisor (no Explosives) Mining - No Underground - Sweeper Mining - No Underground - Technician Mining - No Underground - Train Driver Mining - No Underground - Trainee Locomotive Driver Mining - No Underground - Waste Packer Mining - No Underground - Yardman (coal Merchants) Mining - Underground - Apprentice Boilermaker Mining - Underground - Apprentice Miner Mining - Underground - Blaster Mining - Underground - Boilermaker Mining - Underground - Coal Miner Mining - Underground - Developer Mining - Underground - Driller Mining - Underground - Drilling Plant Operator Mining - Underground - Drop Sorter Operator Mining - Underground - Early Examiner Mining - Underground - Electrician Mining - Underground - Engineer (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Engineer (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Environmental Officer Mining - Underground - Fitter And Turner Mining - Underground - Foreman Mining - Underground - Geological Engineer (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Geological Engineer (>20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Geologist (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Geologist (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Geology Technician (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Geology Technician (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Hoist, Winch And Lift Operator Mining - Underground - Instructor Mining - Underground - Labourer Mining - Underground - Lasher Mining - Underground - Learner Miner Mining - Underground - Locomotive Driver Mining - Underground - Master Sinker Mining - Underground - Mine Analyst Mining - Underground - Mine Cage Attendant Mining - Underground - Mine Captain (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Captain (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Inspector (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Inspector (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Manager (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Manager (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Surveyor (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Surveyor (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Mine Ventilation Hand Mining - Underground - Miner (explosives) Mining - Underground - Miner (no Explosives) Mining - Underground - Opal Miner Mining - Underground - Operator Mining - Underground - Plant Operator Mining - Underground - Roof Bolter Mining - Underground - Safety Officer Mining - Underground - Sampler Mining - Underground - Sand Filler Mining - Underground - Shaft Sinker Mining - Underground - Shift Boss Mining - Underground - Shot Blaster Mining - Underground - Shot Firer Mining - Underground - Shot Firers Assistant Mining - Underground - Stoker Mining - Underground - Stoper Mining - Underground - Superintendent (< 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Superintendent (> 20 Hours Per Week) Mining - Underground - Supervisor - Blasting Tradespersons Mining - Underground - Supervisor (explosives) Mining - Underground - Supervisor (no Explosives) Mining - Underground - Sweeper Mining - Underground - Technician Mining - Underground - Timberman Mining - Underground - Train Driver Mining - Underground - Trainee Locomotive Driver Mining - Underground - Training Officer Mining - Underground - Trammer Mining - Underground - Truck Operator Mining - Underground - Tunnel Worker Mining - Underground - Vertical Borer Mining - Underground - Winze Sinker Mining Engineer - 100% Admin Minister Of Religion Minister/clergyman Missionary Mobile Crane Operator Model Model Maker Modelling Agent Molecular Biologist Money Broker Money Market Dealer Mosaic Tiler Motel Proprietor Motion Picture Camera Operator Motion Picture Projectionist Motor Racer - Professional Motor Vehicle Cleaner Motor Vehicle Mechanic Motor Vehicle Salesman Motor Vehicle Spares Salesman Motor Vessel Engineer Officer Motorcycle Racer - Professional Mud Engineer Municipal Engineer Museum Curator Music Arranger Music Copyist Music Director Music Producer Music Teacher Music Teacher (private) Musical Instrument Maker Musician Mycological Technician Nanny Nature Conservation Officer Naturopath Naval Architect Nephrologist Neuroanatomist Neurologist Neurophysiological Technician Neuropsychologist Neurosurgeon Neurosurgical Nurse News Correspondent News Editor Newsagency Manager Newspaper Editor Newsreader, Tv Or Radio Nuclear Medicine Specialist Nuclear Medicine Technologist Nuclear Scientist Nurse Administrator Nurse Assistant Nurse Attendant Nursery Assistant (horticulture) Nursery Hand (horticulture) Nurseryman/woman Nursing Aid, Medical Profession Nursing Assistant Nursing Sister Nursing Superintendent, No Manual Work Nursing Supervisor, No Manual Work Nutritionist Obstetrician And Gynaecologist Occupational Health Doctor Occupational Health Nurse Occupational Hygienist Occupational Medicine Specialist Occupational Specialist Occupational Therapist Oceanographer Oceanographic Engineer Oenologist/winemaker Office Cleaner Office Equipment Servicer Office Manager, Financial Analyst Office Secretary Office Worker, Railways Oil And Gas Drilling Engineer Oil Tempering Operator Oil Well Cementer Oil, Gas And Pipe Tester Oiler Oilrig Driller Olericulturist Ombudsman Oncological Nurse Oncologist Operating Theatre Nurse Operations Manager (data Processing) Operations Research Analyst Ophthalmic Lens Surfacer And Fitter Ophthalmic Surgeon Ophthalmologist Optical Dispenser Optical Mechanic Optical Technician Optical Technician, Medical Profession Optician Optics Technical Officer Optometrist Oral Hygienist Oral Surgeon Orchardist, Agricultural Contractor Orchestral Conductor Order Clerk Organ Builder Organisation And Methods Analyst Organisation And Methods Manager Orthodontic Technician Orthodontist Orthopaedic Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon Orthoptist Orthotist/prosthetist Osteopath Otorhinolaryngological Surgeon Otorhinolaryngologist Overlocker Oyster Farmer Paediatric Nurse Paediatric Surgeon Paediatrician Paedodontist Paint Factory Hand Painter Painter (artistic) Painter (building And Construction) Painter (domestic) Painter (shipbuilding) Palaeontologist Palaeontology Technician Panelbeater Parachute Rigger Paragliding Instructor Paramedic Diver Parasitologist Park Keeper Park Superintendent Parking Meter Collector Parliamentary Counsel Pasta Maker Pastor Patent Examiner Pathologist Pattern Maker Patternmaker-grader (textiles) Paver/pavior Paving And Surfacing Labourer Pawnbroker Payroll Clerk Pearl Diver Pedologist/soil Scientist Penciller Perfusionist Periodontist Personal Assistant Personal Trainer Personnel And Industrial Relations Manager Personnel Consultant Personnel Manager / Manageress Personnel Officer Personnel Records Clerk Pest Controler/ Inspector Petrochemical Process Engineer Petrol Attendant Petrol Pump Attendant Petroleum And Gas Refining And Pumping Operator Petroleum Engineer Petrophysical Engineer Pharmacist Pharmacologist (except Clinical) Photogrammetric Surveyor Photogrammetrist Photographer Aerial Photographer - Aerial Photographer - Journalist - Not Limited To Sport Or Fashion Photographer - Journalist - Sport Or Fashion Only Photographer - Journalist Not Limited To Sport Or Fashion Photographer - No Press, No Aerial Or No Underwater Photographer - Press - > 90% Office Bound Photographer - Underwater < 40m Photographer - Underwater > 40m Photographer Journalist Sport Or Fashion Only Photographer No Press, No Aerial Or No Underwater Photographic Developer And Printer Photographic Laboratory Assistant Photographic Studio Assistant Photolithographer Photo-type Setter Physical Geographer Physical Metallurgist Physical Oceanographer Physician Physicist Physics Technical Officer Physics Technician Physiologist Physiotherapist Pianist Piano Builder Piano Tuner Picture Frame Maker Picture Framer Pilot - Police Pilot (commercial) - Airship Pilot (commercial) - Autogyro Pilot (commercial) - Balloon Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Agricultural (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Cargo & Passenger (international) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Cargo & Passenger (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Crop Dusting/spraying (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Fire Fighting (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Flying Instructor Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Iata Registered Airline Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Medical Transport (international) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Medical Transport (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Other Aviation Duties Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Patient Transport (international) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Patient Transport (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Search & Rescue (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Student/cadet Pilot (commercial) - Fixed Wing - Test Pilot Pilot (commercial) - Glider Pilot (commercial) - Gyrocopter Pilot (commercial) - Gyroplane Pilot (commercial) - Hang-glider Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Ambulance (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Cargo And Passenger (international) Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Cargo And Passenger (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Crop Dusting/spraying (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Fire Fighting (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Flying Instructor Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Offshore Landings Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Other Aviation Duties Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Search & Rescue (south Africa Only) Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Student/cadet Pilot (commercial) - Helicopter - Test Pilot Pilot (commercial) - Microlight Pilot (commercial) - Powered Paraglider Pilot, Harbour, River Or Seagoing Pipe Fitter Pipe Layer, Roadworker Pipe/cable Laying (underwater < 40 Metres) Pipe/cable Laying (underwater > 40 Metres) Pipefitter, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Plain Clothes Police Officer Planning Officer Plant Anatomist Plant Morphologist Plant Operator Plant Pathologist Plant Physiologist Plant Propagator Plant Scientist Plant Supervisor Plant Taxonomist Plasterer Plasterers Assistant Plastic And Reconstructive Surgeon Playwright Ploughman, Agricultural Contractor Plumbing Contractor Plywood And Veneer Repairer Podiatrist, Medical Profession Poet Poker Machine Attendant Poker Machine Servicer Police - Brigadier (previously Called The Director) Police - Captain Police - Colonel (previously Called Snr Superintendent) Police - Constable Police - Diver Police - General (previously Called The National Commissioner) Police - Lieutenant Police - Lieutenant Colonel (previously Called Superintendent) Police - Lieutenant General (previously Called Deputy National Commissioner Or Provincial Commission Police - Major Police - Major General (previously Called Assistant Commissioner) Police - Pilot Police - Sergeant Police - Special Branch Bomb Disposal Police - Warrant Officer (previously Called Inspector) Police Detective Police Force - Special Task, Other Police Force, Special Branch Antiterrorist Group Police Member (serious & Violent Crimes Unit, Organised Crime Component, Dog And Mounted Units) Political Scientist Politician Polymer Engineer Polymer Scientist Pool Attendant/serviceperson Port Captain Porter Postal Clerk Postal Delivery, Milkman Postal Supervisor Postmaster/mistress Potter Poulterer Poultry Boner Poultry Farm Hand Poultry Saws Operator Poultry Slaughterman/woman Power Boat Racer - Professional Power Station Manager Precious Metal Smith Premier Pre-school Adviser Pre-school Director Pre-school Teacher Presenter, Tv, Radio Or Functions Priest Primary Metallurgist Primary School Teacher Principal Principal Chemical Engineer Printed Circuit Board Designer Private Investigator (not Police Force) Probation/probation Officer Procedures Analyst Process Camera Operator (printing) Process Control Engineer Process Control Technical Officer Process Control Technician Process Controller Proctologist Procurement Clerk Procurement Manager Producer, Media, Tv Or Radio Product Design Engineer Product Manager / Manageress Production Planning Officer (engineering) Production Recorder Production Testing Operator, Oil And Gas Production Worker, Non Machinery Professional Diving Instructor Professor Program Router Cutter Program Seller Programme Arranger Programmer, Computer Project Manager (< 10% Travel And < 10% Manual) Project Manager (>10% Travel Or >10% Manual) Projectionist, Cinema Or Theatre Promotions Officer Proof Reader Prop And Scenery Maker Properties Investment Manager Property Appraiser Property Broker Prosecutor Prosthodontist Psychiatrist Psychologist Public Policy Manager Public Prosecutor Public Relations Officer Public Telephone Money Collector Publication Designer Publicity Agent Publicity Officer Publisher Publisher, Printer Pumpman, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Puppeteer Purchasing Clerk Purchasing Manager Purchasing Officer Pyrometallurgical Engineer Quality Control Manager Quality Control Metallurgist Quality Controller - Supervision Quality Controller, Glass Manufacturing Quantity Surveyor Quartermaster Rabbi Race Horse Trainer Race Steward Racecourse Official Radar Operator Radiation Oncologist Radio Despatcher Radio Engineer Radio License Inspector Radio Maintenance Officer Radio Mechanic Radio Officer Radio Operator Radio Operator, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Radio Technician Radio Telegraphist Radio Traffic Scheduler Radiographer Radiological Metallurgist Radiologist Radiotherapist Rail Car Driver Railway Conductor (sleeping Car) Railway Crossing Attendant Railway Fettler Railway Foreman Railway Labourer Railway Patrol Officer Railway Security Guard Railway Shunter Railway Station Assistant Railway Track Patrolman/woman Railway Track Repair Machine Operator Railway Track Repairman Railway Yard Assistant Real Estate Agency Manager Real Estate Agent Real Estate Property Manager Receiving And Despatching Clerk Receptionist Receptionist, Concierge Recreation Adviser Recreation Officer Recruitment Officer Referee Reflexologist Regional Manager Regional Planner Registered Community Health Nurse Registered General Nurse Registered Midwife Registered Psychiatric Nurse Registry Clerk Rehabilitation Counsellor Relationship Counsellor Religious Worker Remedial Teacher Renal Specialist Rental Clerk Re-recording Mixer Rescue Diver Rescue, Survey Or Photographic Work Research Analyst Research And Development Manager Research Manager Research Meteorologist Researcher Reservations Clerk Reservoir Attendant, Driller Resort Manager Resource Teacher Restaurant And Catering Managing Supervisor Restaurant Owner Retired/pensioner Reverend Rig Construction Rig Electrician, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Rig Maintenance Rig Mechanic, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Rig Medic Rigger Rigger (construction) Rigger (heights > 10 Metres) Rigger (heights Upto 10 Metres) Riggers Assistant Riveter Road Design Draftsperson Road Grader Road Maintenance Road Maintenance Worker Roadworthy Inspector Rock Driller, Building And Construction Rolling Mill Assistant Roof Fixer Roof Plumber Roof Shingler Roof Slater And Tiler Roof Slater And Tilers Assistant Roofer Roofer (heights > 10 Metres) Roofer (heights Up To 10 Metres) Roofing Contractor (heights > 10 Metres) Roofing Contractor (heights Up To 10 Metres) Roofing, Asphalt Layer Roughneck Roustabout Rubber And Plastics Factory Hand Rugby - Semi Professional Or Professional Sack And Bag Filler Safari Tour Operator Safety Engineer Safety Officer (construction) Safety Officer (park Or Reserve) Safety Officer, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Sailmaker Sales Analyst Sales And Marketing Manager Sales Assistant Sales Assistant (caravans And Motor Vehicles) Sales Assistant (vehicle Parts And Accessories) Sales Assistant < 10% Travel Sales Assistant > 10% Travel Sales Manager < 10% Travel Sales Manager > 10% Travel Sales Representative Sales Representative (floor Coverings And Furniture) Sales Representative (liquor) Sales Representative (non-liquor) Salesman - Non-travelling Salesman (indoor) Salesperson - No Travel Salesperson < 10% Travel Salesperson > 10% Travel Sandblaster Sanitation Worker Saturation Diver Scaffolder (heights > 10 Metres) Scaffolder (heights Upto 10 Metres) Scenery Painter (exterior) Schedule Clerk School Crossing Attendant School Inspector School Matron School Principal School Psychologist School Superintendent Scientist Scientist, Atomic Energy Scrap Dealer, Metalworkers Scrap Materials Buyer Screen Printer Screenwriter Scrip Clerk (stockbroking) Script Editor Script Writer Scuba Diving Instructor - Professional Seamstress Secondary Metallurgist Secondary School Teacher Secretary Section Head (public Service) Securities Dealer Security Security Door Installer Security Guard - Armed Security Guard - Unarmed Security Systems/ Alarms Installer Security, Administrative Seismic Prospecting Observer Seismic Survey Assistant Seismologist Senior Teacher, Secondary School Service Counter Clerk Service Station Owner Set Builder Set Designer Sewage Reticulation Drafting Officer Sewing Machine Mechanic Sewing Machinist Shearer Sheetmetal Patternmaker Shelf Stacker Shelf Stacker (store) Sheriff Of The Court Sheriffs Officer Shift Foreman - Not Underground Ship Builder Ship Steward Shipper Administrator Shipping Clerk Ships Captain/master/ Skipper Ships Carpenter Ships Engineer Officer Ships Navigating Officer Ships Officer Ships Pilot Ships Purser Shoe Repairer Shop Assistant Shop Manager (<20% Manual) Shopkeeper Shorthand Typist Shower Screen Installer Signal Man, Signaller Signwriter, Ground Level Signwriter, Working At Heights Signwriters Assistant Silver Recovery Operator Silversmith Singer, All Genres Singer, Theatre Singing Teacher (private) Slater, Heights > 10m Slater, Heights Up To 10m Slaughterer Slaughterer, Meat Industry Small Engine Mechanic Smelting Engineer Snow Skiing - Professional Or Regular Competition Soap Maker Soccer - Semi Professional Or Professional Social Planner And Administrator Social Worker Software Engineer Software Programmer Soil Biologist Soil Conservationist Soil Science Technician Soil Zoologist Soils Science Technical Officer Songwriter Sorter, Post Office Workers Sound Editor Sound Effects Person Sound Engineer Sound Mixer Sound Recordist Sound Technician Special Effects Person Special Task Team Special Teaching Assistant Spectroscopic Technical Officer Speech And Hearing Therapist Speech Therapist Spinal Injuries Nurse Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation Specialist Spinner (textiles) Sporting Facility Curator Sports Administrator Sports Centre Administrator Sports Centre Manager Sports Instructor/trainer Sports Manager Sports Official - Admin Only Sports Official - Other Sports Organiser Sports Psychologist Sports Teacher Sprayer, Motor Trade Spraypainter Sprinkler Fitter Squash - Professional Stable Hand Stable Lad Stable Worker Stage Assistant Stage Director/manager Stagehand Station Hand Station Manager, Railways Station Master Station Superintendant Statistical Clerk Statistician Steel Erector Steel Erector (heights > 10 Metres) Steel Erector (heights Upto 10 Metres) Steel Merchant Steel Worker Steeplejack Stevedore Stock Broker Stock Clerk Stock Controller Stock Exchange Dealer Stockbroking Firm Manager Stockman, Agriculture Stonemason Stonemasonry Machinist Storekeeper Storeman/woman Stores Clerk Stores Despatch Hand Street Cleaner, Driver Only Street Cleaner, Manual Work Street Entertainer/busker Street Vendor Stringed Instrument Repairer Striptease Artist Structural Engineer Structural Steel Erector, Up To 10 Metres Structural Steel Rigger, Up To 10 Metres Stud Hand Stud Master/mistress Student 1st Year Student 2nd Or 3rd Year Student 4th Year Student Counsellor Student Enrolled Nurse Student Higher Than 4th Year Student Minister Student Registered Nurse Student Registered Psychiatric Nurse Studio Hand Studio Manager Stuntman/woman Sub-editor Submariner Sugar Cane Inspector Supermarket Manager Supervisor Of Messengers And Delivery Officer Supervisor, Atomic Energy Supervisor, Automotive Electricians Supervisor, Basic Metal Products Machine Operators Supervisor, Battery Manufacture Supervisor, Bicycle Manufacture Supervisor, Binders And Finishers Supervisor, Brassfoundry Supervisor, Brick Manufacture Supervisor, Bricklayers Supervisor, Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operators Supervisor, Business Machine Operators Supervisor, Cabinetmakers Supervisor, Carpenters And Joiners Supervisor, Cashiers Supervisor, Cement Manufacture Supervisor, Chemical Plant Operators Supervisor, Chemical Production Machine Operators Supervisor, Clay And Stone Processing Machine Operators Supervisor, Cleaners Supervisor, Communications Equipment Tradespersons Supervisor, Concrete Products Machine Operators Supervisor, Cooks/bakers Supervisor, Cotton Ginning Machine Operators Supervisor, Craftworkers Supervisor, Drainers Supervisor, Dressmakers Supervisor, Drilling Plant Operators Supervisor, Electrical Fitters Supervisor, Electrical Mechanics Supervisor, Electrical Powerline Tradespersons Supervisor, Excavating And Earthmoving Plant Operators Supervisor, Fabric Production Machine Operators Supervisor, Farm Hands And Assistants Supervisor, Fibre Cement Machine Operators Supervisor, Fibreglass Industry Supervisor, Floor Coverers Supervisor, Food Processing Machine Operators Supervisor, Forestry Labourers Supervisor, Forging Tradespersons Supervisor, Furniture Finishers Supervisor, Garbage Collectors Supervisor, Garment Tradespersons Supervisor, Glass Industry Supervisor, Glass Production Machine Operators Supervisor, Glue Manufacture Supervisor, Graphite And Carbon Products Supervisor, Hide And Skin Processing Machine Operators Supervisor, Hoist, Winch And Lift Operators Supervisor, Insecticide Manufacture Supervisor, Inspectors And Regulatory Officers Supervisor, Landscape Gardeners Supervisor, Laundry Workers Supervisor, Leather And Canvas Tradespersons Supervisor, Lift Mechanics Supervisor, Locomotive Drivers Supervisor, Mail Sorters Supervisor, Metal Casting Tradespersons Supervisor, Metal Finishing Tradespersons Supervisor, Metal Fitters And Machinists Supervisor, Metal Spinners Supervisor, Metalworkers Supervisor, Motor Trade Supervisor, Musical Instrument Makers And Repairers Supervisor, Nurserymen/women Supervisor, Office Equipment And Computer Servicers Supervisor, Oil And Gas Well Treatment Operators Supervisor, Oil, Gas And Pipe Testing Operators Supervisor, Other Electrical And Electronics Tradespersons Supervisor, Other Machine Operators Supervisor, Other Stationary Plant Operators Supervisor, Other Trades Assistants And Factory Hands Supervisor, Other Tradespersons Supervisor, Other Wood Tradespersons Supervisor, Packaging Machine Operators Supervisor, Panel Beaters Supervisor, Paper And Paper Products Machine Operators Supervisor, Paving And Surfacing Labourers Supervisor, Paving And Surfacing Plant Operators Supervisor, Payroll Clerks Supervisor, Performing Arts Support Workers Supervisor, Pharmaceuticals And Toiletries Production Machine Operators Supervisor, Photographic Products Machine Operators Supervisor, Picture Framers Supervisor, Plant Nursery Supervisor, Plasterers Supervisor, Plastics Production Machine Operators Supervisor, Plumbers Supervisor, Plywood Making Machine Operators Supervisor, Power Generation Plant Operators Supervisor, Precision Metal Tradespersons Supervisor, Printing Machinists Supervisor, Production Recording Clerks Supervisor, Radio And Television Servicers Supervisor, Railway Labourers Supervisor, Refrigeration And Air-conditioning Mechanics Supervisor, Roofer Supervisor, Rubber Production Machine Operators Supervisor, Sales Assistants Supervisor, Saw Operators Supervisor, Sheetmetal Tradespersons Supervisor, Shoemaking And Repairing Tradespersons Supervisor, Smallgoods Makers Supervisor, Smelting Plant Operators Supervisor, Sound Recording And Reproduction Equipment Operator Supervisor, Stock And Purchasing Clerks Supervisor, Storemen/women Supervisor, Tailors Supervisor, Tellers Supervisor, Textile Sewing Machinists Supervisor, Textile Workers Supervisor, Tile Manufacture Supervisor, Tobacco Industry Supervisor, Tool Room Supervisor, Toolmakers Supervisor, Upholsterers And Bedding Tradespersons Supervisor, Vehicle Accessories Fitters Supervisor, Vehicle Body Makers Supervisor, Vehicle Mechanics Supervisor, Vehicle Painters Supervisor, Vehicle Trimmers Supervisor, Wood Carvers Supervisor, Wood Machinists And Turners Supervisor, Wood Processing Machine Operators Supervisor, Yarn Production Machine Operators Supervisors, Timber Workers Supervisory Only, Motor Car /motor Cycle Manufacturing Industry Supervisory/tradesman/travel Supply And Distribution Manager Supply Clerk Supply Manager Surfing - Professional Surgeon Surgical Oncologist Survey Hand/interviewer/recorder Surveying Associate Surveyor Surveyor, Inspector Surveyor, Oil & Natural Gas Industry Surveyor, Railway Worker Surveyors Assistant Sweeper (no Mining Or Quarrying) Swimming Instructor Switchboard Operator Sylviculturist System Analyst Systems Manager (data Processing) Systems Programmer Tailings Dam Labourer Tailor Tank Farm Operator Tannery Hand Tap Dancer Tax Agent Tax Consultant Tax, Inspector Taxi Owner (not Minibus; No Driving) Taxidermist Tea Lady/man Teacher Teacher Of Disabled Or Gifted Students Teacher Of Multi-cultural Studies Teacher Of The Hearing Impaired Teacher Of The Intellectually Disabled Teacher Of The Visually Impaired Teachers Assistant Technical Director Technical Producer Technical Salesperson Technician, Cinema /theatre/radio Tele Canvasser Telecine Operator Telecommunications Analyst Telecommunications Technician Telephonist Television Equipment Operator Television License Inspector Television Mechanic Teller Tennis Player - Professional Textile Designer Textile Examiner Textiles Technical Officer Thatcher Theatre Attendant Theatre,cinema Manager Theologist Ticket Collector/examiner/taker Ticket Seller Tiler Timber Kiln Operator Timber Merchant Timber Stacker Timber Stock Cutter Timber Treatment Plant Operator Title Searcher Tobacco Dryer Attendant Tobacco Farm Manager Tobacco Machine Attendant Tobacco Technical Operator Tobacconist Topographic Drafting Officer Tourist Adviser Tourist Agent/travel Agent Tourist Officer Tower Crane Operator Tower Crane Operator (construction Industry) Tower Crane Operator (docks And Shipbuilding) Town Planner Toxicologist Track Worker, Railway Worker Trade Union Official Trade Union Organiser Trade Union Secretary Trading Floor Operator (stock Exchange) Trading Support Traditional Healer Traffic Police Officer Trail Running - Professional Train Conductor Train Examiner Train Loader Operator Train Maintenance, Railways Train Steward Trainee Accountant Trainee Air Traffic Controller Trainee Farm Manager Trainee Farmer Trainee Flight Service Officer Trainee Marine Engineer Trainee Office Equipment And Computer Servicer Training Manager Training Officer - <10% Manual And <10% Travel - (non-mining) Training Officer - >10% Travel Or >10% Manual (non-mining) Translator Transport Broker Transport Economist Trapeze Artist Trauma Doctor Travel Agent/consultant Travel, Courier Travelling Salesperson Treasurer Tree Doctor Tree Feller Tree Feller Operator Tree Planter Tree Surgeon Truck Despatcher Truck Sales Trust Officer Tug Boat Captain/master Tunnel Worker (non-mining) Turnstile Attendant Typist Tyre Fitter Ultrasound Technician Umpire Underwriter University Lecturer Urban And Regional Planner Urologist Vending Machine Attendant Vending Machine Servicer Ventriloquist Vermin And Noxious Weeds Inspector Veterinarian Veterinary Assistant/attendant Veterinary Nurse Veterinary Parasitologist Veterinary Pathologist Veterinary Surgeon, Farm Animals, Small Animal Vicar Video And Sound Recorder Video Distributor Video Producer Video Shop Assistant Virologist Vision Mixer Viticulturist Vocalist Vocational Counsellor Volconologist Waiter/waitress Wall And Floor Tiler Wardrobe Assistant Wardrobe Co-ordinator Warehouse Assistant Warehouse Controller Warehouse, Porter Warranty Clerk Watch And Clock Maker And Repairer Water Quality Analyst Water Skiing - Professional Or Regular Competition Water Supply Distribution Engineer Water Treatment Engineer Waterside Worker Welder Welfare Officer Welfare Worker Well Treatment Operator, Oil And Gas Wharf Labourer Wharf Tally Clerk Wholesaler Wild Animal Trainer Wildlife Keeper Wildlife Veterinarian Winchman, Construction Industry Window Cleaner Window Cleaner (commercial) Windowdresser Wine Merchant Wine Steward/stewardess Wood And Wood Products Factory Hand Wood Carver Woodcutter Wooden Floor Layer Wool Classer/grower/presser/sorter Work Study Officer Wreck/salvage Work Wrestler - Professional Yachtsman - Professional Zoo Keeper Zoo Worker Zoology Technical Officer

Highest education Please select Less than matric Matric or grade 12 Postgraduate Three year diploma Four year diploma 3, 4 year undergraduate degree

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